30 September 2012

Visiting another world

In July I did a story for the magazine, one of my last ones as an intern, and it was such a great experience. I visited a hat maker - he's 50 years old but makes hats like they did way before he was born. He uses old machines, and walking through the doors to his place beneath the roof in one of the beautiful old buildings in Nørrebro was like crossing the threshold to an old world. There were hats from top to bottom, and the old machines were amazingly old and full of stories. He was a good story-teller, too. Read it yourself in Ud & Se's October issue that hits the stands tomorrow.
 These molds are only 20 or so years old, but the varnish used to stiffen the hats makes them look much older.
 Just look at this!

28 September 2012

Academic life vs. journalist brain

This week I've been writing an academic assignment from hell. I obviously left my academic skills when I graduated from high school six years ago. I used to be pretty good at this stuff, but I really really rather want to write journalism (oddly why I chose journalism school and not uni). Jesus. But thankfully, the assignment's out of my hands now, and the sun is shining, I had coffee and am enjoying pretty much everything right now.
 In order to survive, I bought lots of 6 kr. coffee and I baked some apple/carrot muffins.
And this (!) weather made it particularly nice handing in the assignment this morning. I forgot how beautiful this season can be when it's not pouring down or windy.

25 September 2012

I'm going 5624 km away!

 I'm moving to Montréal in January. My applications came back today, and it was all bliss and joy. I'll be studying a semester at a university, and then everything is open. I might stay, I might go back to Berlin, I might do something else. I can't wait to explore a new city, speak French again and be out in the world. Any tips to places to see are more than welcome! Cafés, abandoned places, areas... I'm over the moon!
(Click on the photos for source)

23 September 2012

What was captured

I haven't been a very good photographer these last couple of days. But here's what I've managed to lock down:
 Friday, I met up with good people from my old semester. We had beers, talked a lot, looked at nails going into a piece of wood, played ping pong and rambled around by the water.
 I tried making Norwegian flatbread. Actually quite good... (mashed potatos + flour on a dry, hot pan = easy)
 I managed to go to school but ended up doodling and drinking coffee, thinking about everything but school.
 Instead I tried being a good student at home, but it was so boring. 
 Yesterday I wore pom-poms in my hair.
And I went to visit a hungover Michelle, eating cake, watching surreal short films and talking a whole lot. She lives right next to the rainbow that also looks quite nice at night time. Like a multicolored halo on top of this little town.

22 September 2012

Something I love about weekends

Ah. I'm in such a good mood these days! My social life is back on track, I don't hate this place, I'm excited about what happens next, and I spoil myself making breakfasts like this one. Yes! Have a good weekend out there!

21 September 2012

Yesterday; backstage life and a high

I had a blast last night. I was doing my first assignment for a local cultural webpage (eventuelt.org); the page was hosting a gig at Radar and they wanted me to interview the artists. I met up with the photographer, was wined and dined and sat down with the artists backstage. My first backstager. And boy, it's not glamourous! The artists were nervous and awkward listening to James Blake and rolling marihuana cigarettes. They were incredibly sweet, but my image of backstage life was certainly shot down. The shows were amazing, especially when Giraffage finished off by a remixed version of this song. Plus, we could always sneak out backstage to get free beer. It was truly a fun evening.
 Hung out with some of the other writers.
 Giraffage - check him out!
 XXYYXX making the young kids dance

20 September 2012

Favourites; funny and good and old and private

I have a folder with favourite photos. Whenever I need to be cheered up, I go see the folder. There are photos from my whole life and of people I love. Here are some of them;
 Rosa, 2006
 My brother and I sometime in the 90s
 T in Tivoli a hilarious Halloween, 2007.
 Party, 2007
 Chris and I, 2008....
 My grandmother and a seemingly uncomfortable me in Paris, 89/90
 The youngest, 1997... The eyes!
 I LOVE this photo of my father posing with his moustache on a roof in Paris in the 80s, so chic...
 Parents + eager dog, 1978
 Cool brothers, 2010
 My grandparents, 2011
 Beautiful beautiful brothers, 2011
Roskilde Festival, 2008 (I guess white sunglasses were hot that year...)
 Kat and Anna, 2011
 AnCa and I, 2012
 Bandphoto, brothers, 2007
Hello/goodbye party, 2009

19 September 2012

Best of Copenhagen: Summer

And another season came and went. This summer was very strange, it felt like it wasn't there at all. Like spring lingered on and suddenly became fall, forgetting all about summer. But judging by my photo archives, it seems like summer was there after all. How bizarre...
There was the over-festive and very embarrassing midsummer...
There were late nights lost in the blur...
Copenhagen looked nice when my heart was confused, and walks around the lakes followed by long phone calls were very much needed.
 And there was a day at Roskilde Festival!
 There was the big trip to Eastern Europe. I'd gladly do it all again!
30 hours after coming home from Eastern Europe, I moved out of the beloved castle and became a nomad for a few weeks. First at Chris' where I enjoyed her balcony.
 Talented Amalie read from her upcoming book and it was marvellous as usual. She's one to look out for, people!
 I spent some days at my father's house north of Copenhagen where I said goodmorning to Sweden, drank lots of coffee and tried to write articles but somehow always ended up doing other things.
 Then it was Copenhagen again: fleamarkets, hangovers, cafés, biking around, laughing and good weather.
 Emil threw a very festive birthday party.
And we broke into a park to listen to Ulrik spin some records, drink beer and talk about boys. Actually, it was a really good summer.