15 September 2012

September so far

 I was so hungover when I left Copenhagen behind in the beginning of the month. I slept all the way in the train, mouth open and all. What a way to arrive.
 The favourite part of my little place beneath the roof.
 I have made so much coffee the last many days!
 September has meant many many long nights trying to write those applications.
 Aarhus is a strange place.
 Went to the movies and saw 'Albert Nobbs' - interesting movie, but I don't really know what I felt about it.
 One day I needed to get out of my house so I went to nearby Lynfabrikken (Vestergade 49) for some change of scenery. I love that place. (Windows)
It's fall now so I wear Sarajevo socks (they're knitted so tight they're almost glued to my feet) and eat root vegetables.

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