19 September 2012

Best of Copenhagen: Summer

And another season came and went. This summer was very strange, it felt like it wasn't there at all. Like spring lingered on and suddenly became fall, forgetting all about summer. But judging by my photo archives, it seems like summer was there after all. How bizarre...
There was the over-festive and very embarrassing midsummer...
There were late nights lost in the blur...
Copenhagen looked nice when my heart was confused, and walks around the lakes followed by long phone calls were very much needed.
 And there was a day at Roskilde Festival!
 There was the big trip to Eastern Europe. I'd gladly do it all again!
30 hours after coming home from Eastern Europe, I moved out of the beloved castle and became a nomad for a few weeks. First at Chris' where I enjoyed her balcony.
 Talented Amalie read from her upcoming book and it was marvellous as usual. She's one to look out for, people!
 I spent some days at my father's house north of Copenhagen where I said goodmorning to Sweden, drank lots of coffee and tried to write articles but somehow always ended up doing other things.
 Then it was Copenhagen again: fleamarkets, hangovers, cafés, biking around, laughing and good weather.
 Emil threw a very festive birthday party.
And we broke into a park to listen to Ulrik spin some records, drink beer and talk about boys. Actually, it was a really good summer.