21 September 2012

Yesterday; backstage life and a high

I had a blast last night. I was doing my first assignment for a local cultural webpage (eventuelt.org); the page was hosting a gig at Radar and they wanted me to interview the artists. I met up with the photographer, was wined and dined and sat down with the artists backstage. My first backstager. And boy, it's not glamourous! The artists were nervous and awkward listening to James Blake and rolling marihuana cigarettes. They were incredibly sweet, but my image of backstage life was certainly shot down. The shows were amazing, especially when Giraffage finished off by a remixed version of this song. Plus, we could always sneak out backstage to get free beer. It was truly a fun evening.
 Hung out with some of the other writers.
 Giraffage - check him out!
 XXYYXX making the young kids dance

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