20 September 2012

Favourites; funny and good and old and private

I have a folder with favourite photos. Whenever I need to be cheered up, I go see the folder. There are photos from my whole life and of people I love. Here are some of them;
 Rosa, 2006
 My brother and I sometime in the 90s
 T in Tivoli a hilarious Halloween, 2007.
 Party, 2007
 Chris and I, 2008....
 My grandmother and a seemingly uncomfortable me in Paris, 89/90
 The youngest, 1997... The eyes!
 I LOVE this photo of my father posing with his moustache on a roof in Paris in the 80s, so chic...
 Parents + eager dog, 1978
 Cool brothers, 2010
 My grandparents, 2011
 Beautiful beautiful brothers, 2011
Roskilde Festival, 2008 (I guess white sunglasses were hot that year...)
 Kat and Anna, 2011
 AnCa and I, 2012
 Bandphoto, brothers, 2007
Hello/goodbye party, 2009

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