04 September 2012


Wow. Who am I kidding? I'm still not over this. Only still trying to numb and sedate and rewind and replay the 'just get through the next couple of weeks and you'll be closer' in my head. And fuck, it's getting to the embarrasing part where it's been such a long time that I should've settled with it now. The I'm-not-over-Berlin-grieving-period is long over. But I'm not finished. It's still making me so unsure; will I ever come back to that place? Not only to the city, but that seriously disgustingly happy place, the I-wanna-pinch-my-arm-all-the-time-because-nobody-can-be-this-happy-place? Fuuuuck. (Sorry, needed to get it out - ignore it and I'll be good again tomorrow)


miss swiss heidi said...

It'll come back, it always does, but only when you've found peace and forgotten about it to be able to have it again
from the life period after the last

karen sofie said...

Thanks. i know you're right, and I'm just someone who's really good at feeling sorry for herself. It'll be better :)