09 September 2012

A best friend visiting

Chris came by my little corner of the world, and we spent the weekend looking at buildings, drinking coffee, talking about the future, looking at more buildings, looking at art, trying to see if Aarhus fit, walking around. It was great!
We kicked Friday off with pizza by the water accompanied by a bottle of white wine. We continued with drinks at my house and tried going out to bars, but it was all wrong, so we called it an early night...
Slightly hungover, we started Saturday at the new coffeeshop, La Cabra (Graven 20) before heading down to the harbour to look at new architecture.
After our harbour-detour, we went to Aarhus Kunstbygning (J. M. Mørks Gade 13) to look at art. Here, a woman had bottled animal fat and hung it in green strings...
 We continued our art tour to Aros (Aros Allé 2) where we had a walk in the rainbow (my first time) and fell a little bit in love with Danish contemporary artist Kaspar Bonnén.
 Before going up in the rainbow, we took a walk on the roof and had this view of Aarhus. "Oh my god, this town is so small!" cried Chris, and at that moment it dawned on me; I live here now. The city's fine and all that, but it doesn't fit me at all. Another 19 weeks and I'll start a new chapter somewhere. Hopefully.
Come back soon, lovely Chris!

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