23 September 2012

What was captured

I haven't been a very good photographer these last couple of days. But here's what I've managed to lock down:
 Friday, I met up with good people from my old semester. We had beers, talked a lot, looked at nails going into a piece of wood, played ping pong and rambled around by the water.
 I tried making Norwegian flatbread. Actually quite good... (mashed potatos + flour on a dry, hot pan = easy)
 I managed to go to school but ended up doodling and drinking coffee, thinking about everything but school.
 Instead I tried being a good student at home, but it was so boring. 
 Yesterday I wore pom-poms in my hair.
And I went to visit a hungover Michelle, eating cake, watching surreal short films and talking a whole lot. She lives right next to the rainbow that also looks quite nice at night time. Like a multicolored halo on top of this little town.

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