01 August 2014

Olufsvej + a goodbye party

The other day, I biked out to Olufsvej in Østerbro with Kathrine. Apart from being a very pictoresque stretch of road, Olufsvej holds an ice cream shop that makes homemade Italian ice cream. It was more than 30 degrees, so we had to try it, and despite the melting factor in the heat, the ice creams were very delicious.
Olufs Is (Olufsvej 6, Østerbro) couldn't look more Copenhagen-cute...
The always lovely Kathrine - and my roomie from today!
On our way back, we walked through Brumleby, a small enclosed part of Østerbro. It was originally built for doctors during a cholera epidemic in Copenhagen in the 1850s. Today, it's full of families, hipster bikes and roses that grow on the walls.
Later, I went to Nørrebro for Nana and Esben's going away party. They're moving to New York for three months (j e a l o u s) and gathered their friends for a backyard grill party.
Nana, a very skillful cake baker and big Instagrammer, of course had to pose for other big Instagrammers' lenses with her beautiful strawberry cheesecake.

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