29 July 2014


Because my aunt and Moa couldn't get home to Israel, we decided to make the best of the wait. So we went to Tivoli; I haven't been to Tivoli in years and it's been around 10 years since I've tried the rides. And despite insufferable 30 degrees, it turned out to be a really fun day in the old garden.
We were in high spirits before trying the old roller coaster; even at 100 years old it's still one of the best rides in Tivoli.
It's been shined up a litte...
I proudly conquered my fear of crazy loops and hanging upside-down when I tried the Demon. It went so fast I didn't notice anything, but what a great feeling afterwards.
Tivoli is full of old-fashioned shops with hard candy, ice creams and so on.
Moa had a double-coloured softserve swirl.
The H.C. Andersen ride The Flying Suitcase is one of my favourite.
We also had hot dogs and chocolate milk....
We ended our day trip to Tivoli with a ride in the ballon ferriswheel. We had a glorious view of Tivoli and Copenhagen in late daylight.

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