07 July 2014

Good things in July

These days, I'm riding a good wave; I've closed the Berlin chapter, I'm getting published in various newspapers and magazines, and I'm enjoying life in the north with friends and brothers. I'm house sitting for my father and his wife while they're in Italy, and despite looking very much forward to finally move back into civilisation come August 1st, there's also something nice about spending those hot summer days looking at Øresund and taking things incredibly slow.
Sølve spent a few days painting the courtyard at my father's house. We had some good brother-sister quality time, and one night we made sushi, some elderflower-gin-drinks and watched two films.
Saturday night, Kristiane came over for dinner. We decided to start with the dessert and drove to Fredensborg to have ice creams at my old high school summer job. It even smelled the same around that little cottage by the lake. And the ice creams were amazing, as always.
I have a guide to Papirøen in this month's Copenhagen Food. They also asked me a few questions for the contributors page.
Sunday, my article made it to the front page of one of Denmark's biggest newspapers. The article was my bachelor project, and to top things off, it won an award last week...! It comes out in three chapters, and I celebrated the first one (and the front page) by getting incredibly tanned and drinking smoothies in the north.
The two youngest brothers came back from Roskilde Festival; the youngest had lost his voice and sprained his finger. The elder managed not to have all his things lost this year. All in all, they'd had fun and looked so, too.


Anonymous said...

You look like Frances Ha in that black/white photo. Sweet.

karen sofie said...

Haha, you think? Funny :)