17 July 2014

Day trip

On Sunday it rained all day, so we got into my grandparents' little car and took a day trip northwest. We drove by endless fields of drenched ripe corn, my grandfather told stories about the parts of the country we drove through, about the nature, the people, the history. We sailed across small sounds in tiny ferries, we had lunch at an old train station, looked at photography by a local artist, and stopped and looked at birds. A truly wonderful trip.
We had a little bit of everything in the old train station in Nykøbing Mors (Belle Epoque, Lystbådehavnen Morsø)
The two behind umbrellas. On our way back home, we drove over 'Vejlerne', a bird reserve where two small cottages made for a lookout post with binoculars and information boards.


Nana said...

Så fine billeder i dette post!

karen sofie said...

Tak, Nana :)