04 July 2014

Berlin glimpses

I didn't photograph much last week. When I left for Berlin, I tried to remind myself to photograph a lot because I don't know when I'll be there again, but once I was there, I sort of forgot about it. So I only have a few glimpses documented. Here they are;
It rained the entire Wednesday, but I defied it for a walk up Weserstraße to have coffee with Cordula at Bully's Bakery.
At night, I headed to Urbanhafen for a pre-kayak meeting. There was a pause in the rain, and Berlin was damp in that summer-rain kind of way.
After kayaking on Thursday, all the Berliners were out on the streets watching the World Cup match against USA. Germany won, of course.
Friday, I had coffee with Nina at Five Elephant - oh how I wish I could bring that place with me to Copenhagen!
Nina brought her self-built (!) bike which was super cool.
It was a lukewarm summer morning, and it was perfect sitting beneath the trees in the quiet end of Reichenberger Straße.
Friday night, I had a small goodbye-thing. Here's Lukas and Lisa on Vater Bar. The only photo from that night that is showable...
Naturally, I spent lots of time in my apartment packing my things in boxes for the 20th time or so... I enjoyed the light play across the walls and wished I could just pack up the entire apartment and then plug it in somewhere in Copenhagen.
I played around with the floral headpiece my brother's girlfriend made for my birthday last year. (If you like what you see, she makes them on commission. Email me if you're interested!)
I spent Saturday afternoon on assignment touring the u-bahn with a true connaisseur. It was a nice six hours spent on admiring u-bahn architecture spanning a whole decade.
On Sunday, I got coffee and a croissant from my local späti one last time. I will miss that Neukölln corner.

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