25 July 2014

A summer visit

My father's sister met an Israeli man in the 80s, and they have lived in the southern part of Israel for as long as I can remember with their two beautiful children. This summer, my aunt and her oldest daughter Moa came to Denmark to visit, and we spent hot summer days with them at the ocean, in the city, eating ice cream, playing games, and just talking and laughing. Lucky for us, they stayed a few days longer since the neverending conflict in the Middle East started up again cancelling all flights to and out of Tel Aviv. I hope they will soon lay down their weapons down there and start communicating instead!
The first night, we went down to the beach at dusk and took some band photos - of course.
NP posed.
The water was warm and people took night swims.
My aunt's long time friend from Jutland came too with her two girls.
A sibling selfie.
We had ice creams by the harbour and looked at boats and buildings.
...And took a group selfie in a mirror on one of the small streets by the sea.

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