01 November 2015

Before the trees go bare

It's Sunday and I've spent mine in the sofa with the computer in my lap. Writing. Outside, the fog has wrapped its silver breath around the houses so only half the features were clear. It's been a shaky week: two family members were/are at hospital so there was a lot of crossing fingers and hoping and sending positive thoughts. Thankfully, they are recovering, but it really brings out that scary thought in the back of your mind that life is frail. As someone who's never lost someone close to me I cannot (as in seriously cannot) deal with the idea of death. Hopefully it will be some time before I have to.
Anyway, there's also been other things and these are some of them;
Last week I was in need of new coffee beans so I decided to go into town. The sky was grey and I took a short walk around the blocks before taking the train back to the assignments...
A few days later, I walked down to the station again to go have coffee with Sheila. The trees by the station have now gone almost bare. But the yellow explosions were beautiful.
We had coffee at Lillebror and took a stroll through H.C. Ørstedsparken afterwards. It was a colourful walk.
That Saturday, I met Kathrine for a walk around Nørrebro. There was a demonstration along Nørrebrogade, and we walked around the lakes and up and down the streets. Later, I met Jonas and Lasse William for another coffee and a bit of rowdy talk at Torvehallerne. It was a great Saturday.
On Monday and two or three days after that I thought I had finally gotten an apartment in a building I've been wanting to live in for years. But alas, it is a tough market these days!
On Tuesday I went to Grundtvigskirken on assignment. That place is so extremely magnificent. It's made from more than 5,5 million bricks! And since the architect wanted the light to reflect in a certain way, he instructed the constructers to rub each stone against another so they would be scratched. Can you imagine?!
Today, I had coffee in bed. I also had two articles to write but I let myself have a quiet moment beneath the sheets to reflect the past week. You need that sometimes.


Becca Waterloo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family - it always frazzles me when someone is not well. has you appreciating everything around you, which I feel we need occasionally. wishing them a speedy recovery!

Deborah said...

It is lovely out there with all the colors, but yes now they are dissapearing fast. As always enjoyable photos from you and your walks through town.

I went to Frederiksborg Castle to get some colors and had another go in my neck of the woods yesterday too.

Benedikte Kudahl said...

Sygt hyggelig blog. Jeg følger med fra nu af!

benedikte said...

fineste blog. smukke billeder. jeg følger med fra nu af!

karen sofie said...

Becca: Thank you very much. Things are looking to clear up, so that's good. But yes, life is frail, and though it's kind of a cliché there really is truth to the notion that you have to appreciate things!

Deborah: Thank you :) Oh wow, haven't been to Frederiksborg forever. Grew up in the area! Maybe I should take a hike up there one day!

Benedikte: Tusind tak, det er jeg glad for at høre. Velkommen :)