13 October 2012

41; late and flatlining

My life is not that exotic these days. It mainly consists of me running around in my own head trying to juggle school, applications for various things, freelancing and worrying about my bank account that's constantly flatlining.
 I spent part of the weekend visiting my mom in Herning. Sølve, one of the brothers, was there too, and we spent most of the time curled up in the sofa with hot cocoa and treats watching 'Pearl Harbor', laughing and joking.
 You can by coffee for 6 kr. at my school - it's very much needed to get through long days of presentations and stuff. Or Mondays.
 On Tuesday, this little city looked rather nice all dressed in sun.
 The brother (and the mother) came to Aarhus to visit.
 Beautiful Sølve in the rainbow.
At the university, there's this tall building with no windows - it's a library. I was here on Wednesday to do an interview and get a glimpse of uni-life. It doesn't look different than life in journalism school; young people with blood-shut eyes desperately writing on laptops.
 Yesterday, I was late for school.
 My rockin' Friday night consisted of writing a much overdue article and drinking berry juice while the youth ran up and down the street outside having a blast.
Today, I woke up to the sound of rain on my window. I had coffee and breakfast in bed, and now I'm on my way out to do an interview. Have a festive Saturday out there!

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