09 October 2012

A cultural afternoon

Today I ditched school early to meet my mom and one of the brothers. They'd decided to spend an afternoon in Aarhus, and luckily they'd chosen the most beautiful October day for their visit. The sun was beaming down on this little town as we drank coffee in the streets, walked around and finished off overlooking Aarhus from the rainbow. Aaah, I love afternoons like these.
 La Cabra is a recently opened coffeeshop in Graven. Their coffee is great, the atmosphere low-key and cosy with wooden coolness and underground magazines to read. I'll do a more elaborate post later. But go!
Møllestien is definitely one of the cutest places in Aarhus with the tiny coloured houses.
 My mom has a terrible fear of heights, but she conquered herself and made it through a round in Olafur Eliasson's rainbow. This photo of her scares me a lot, maybe because she's 'walking towards the light'...
 Sølve and I found this little crack, and the contrast with the yellow glass made the outside look all purple. A trick you can't see in the photo, though...

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