07 October 2011

Good Friday

I've been in the best mood ever today. I don't know if it's because I finally feel calm after moving and coming to terms with the cold fact that I live in Copenhagen and not my beloved Berlin, or if I just had a really good sleep. But the whole day has been one big happy bubble. I started in Jægersborggade in my hood at the new place, Grød. It's run by two high school friends who share a love for porridge. So that's all they serve there (apart from surprisingly good coffee). Tine and I met for seasonal breakfast while the sun rose and coloured the sky pink. After feeling nurtured and nourished, I went to work only to discover that they were making homemade waffles there. The whole place smelled wonderfully sweet all day. I went home early to have raw cake and coffee with Anna in the apartment. This day is heaven.

 Tine had barley porridge with elderflower and other goodies.
 I had two-grain porridge with apples, linseed and a hint of ginger.
 A hipster.
 My favourite corner of my room. In daylight.
 The living room is also slowly being furnished.
Afternoon delight.


Birthe; said...

Det lyder da bare som den dejligste dag! Jeg glæder mig til at prøve Grød, når jeg er hjemme igen - det ser godt ud ;-)

karen sofie said...

Det er et ret sjovt sted. Meget unge fyre, der laver grød. Der er god stemning, og så er det inspirerende at se, hvad man kan drive det der med grød til, hvis man bare er opfindsom med 'accessories'... :)