02 September 2011

Band photos

My brothers and I have this developed tradition of taking band photos of ourselves. It often happens if we're somewhere special, or if we're just bored. It started once on a summerhouse trip, and now it's become a sort of ritual. The constellation of the 'band' can change, but it's always about looking deadly serious and artist-like while posing a little.

Snekkersten, June 2011
Kvistgård, March 2011
Israel, February 2011
Snekkersten, December 2010
Berlin, November 2010
Fredensborg, April 2010
Aarhus, July 2009
Fjellerad, May 2009
 Aarhus, October 2008
 Fyn, July 2007
 Monument Valley, July 2006
Fredensborg, 1993 - the first official band photo...?

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Cecilie said...

HEhe, sikken en fantastisk ide...