18 September 2011


 Started off at Vesterbro where I had coffee in Kaffeslabberas with Mette and Chris. The place smells a little like summerhouse, probably because it's filled with wood, and it's a shame we haven't been there more.
 After a walk down Vesterbrogade in dusty rain, I knocked on AnCa's door. We had coffee while we played Berlin memory constantly aw'ing over all of our favourite places. It didn't get better when we unpacked the Berlin puzzle I gave her as a goodbye present back in Berlin. Everytime we came across a familiar place (which was practically all the time) we sighed heavily and talked about all the wonderfulness we'd encountered there.
The Saturday ended at my uncle's with a sublime dinner. The occasion; he is rewarding me and my brothers for not jumping directly to university after finishing high school. We talked politics and started a new tradition while the lights blinked over the lakes outside the windows.

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