16 September 2011


The last few days have been crazy. My mood has been unrecognizably bad (almost started crying out of frustration yesterday because a bus was moving too slowly...), I've been running around town, and yesterday - this is the good news - DK finally gave power back to the leftist parties. I celebrated in the north with my very very red brothers in a not-so-red household. It was a close call and exciting until the very end. Almost symbolically, the sun has been shining beautifully the whole day today with degrees almost reaching 20... Tonight I'm going to sleep. Happy Friday!

 Chris turned 24 on Wednesday, and while the weather was schizophrenic outside, we celebrated the soon-moving-to-London-lady inside with homemade layercake, hot chocolate, burning candles and lots of laughs. It was such a great afternoon.
 Birthday girl with one of her presents; a handmade mask from Italy.
 Voting in Vesterbro among leather clad hipsters with iPhones carefully documenting every step of the process (OK, I had my camera out in the booth, too...)
Danish weather indicating change and a bright future.


Lou said...

Dejlige solskinsbilleder og hip hip hurra for en rød regering :)

God weekend,

Anne said...

En dejlig post, jeg var også selv sikker på at solen skinnede på den nye sammensætning i folketinget :) Vi går en spændende og forhåbentligt god tid i møde!

karen sofie said...

Ja, for filan man er glad over det røde skift! Gode tider må være på vej :)