07 March 2014


Some of you may already have seen these photos on my Instagram account, but so be it. Tuesday, I went to Elsinore to have my eyes checked - yes, this week has been my last without glasses... - and I was happy to rediscover this little nordic gem. Growing up nearby, I have been to Elsinore (the town of Hamlet) many times, but I've never really noticed how many beautiful old houses the town holds. So colourful, crooked, breathtaking. So I snapped away on my phone and have been sharing them on Instagram ever since. I'm going back next week and hoping for sun: how marvellous would those houses look in bright sunlight... Have a great weekend out there!
Cheap drinks for the Swedes - Elsinore is only a 20 minute boat ride from Helsingborg in Sweden, so the Swedes come over to us to load up on beer and alcohol.
Look at this backyard!


vix said...

how beautiful! Those cobbled streets and medieval buildings... gorgeous! Please keep sharing more pics!

have a great weekend, Karen!

PS. I have a new blog in English, if you want to take a peek! http://victoriapichel.blogspot.com

ELLIE said...

Haha, that is literally my favourite thing about Europe! I had a friend who used to drive into Luxembourg for petrol. To an Australian it's unfamothamable and delightful.

karen sofie said...

Vix; Thanks, I'll definitely be posting more photos from up here!

Ellie; I can totally understand your friend, ha ha.

Mara said...