31 March 2014

Last week

So, I went to Jutland last week to finish my assignment at my mother's house. One day took the next, and suddenly I was in Aarhus, back at the journalism school, handing in the article. I spent the next few hours with my brother. He studies in Aarhus, where I also have so many great memories from the days at journalism school. I took him to some of my favourite places, and it was so good to spend some quality time with him.
Stilleben at my mother's house.
On Wednesday, my mom and I had brunch at Aroma (Fonnesbechsgade 14, Herning). It might be slim pickens in that town, but Aroma really adds something with a great brunch and good coffee made on beans from Coffee Collective.
After lunch at my old favourite Aarhus hangout Lynfabrikken (Vestergade 49, Aarhus), we went up on the roof to take in the rays of sun and the roof top view.
In the backyard of Vestergade 58, I made my brother pose in front of these crooked old houses.
We had afternoon coffee at Great Coffee (Klostergade 32H, Aarhus). Soooo good!
And then we walked by my other favourite coffee spot in Aarhus; La Cabra (Graven 20, Aarhus).


Becca Waterloo said...

yay! congrats!!!! you did it :)

karen sofie said...

Becca; Yeah, sure did! Now we'll see how it went after the exam in two weeks :)