02 April 2014

Sunny Sunday in Nørrebro

On Sunday, I met up with Tine in the sun. It was such great weather, so the entire population of Copenhagen was out soaking up the rays and thinking summer had hit. We chose a different way; after an hour on the grass in Nørrebroparken with shades on and coffee in hand, we crawled into the darkness to watch 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. Oh joy! That universe...! I can highly recommend the film - and 'Royal Tenembaums', my favourite of Wes Anderson's films.
Superkilen was busy with kids running around and parents that looked slightly hungover (?).
Friends posing in front of a window.
Windows and windows. The view from Nørrebro Station.


Becca Waterloo said...

Dmitriy and I LOOOVED the Grand Buduapest hotel. I swear every frame was one instagram picture after another. Well done, Wes. My favorite of his is probably the Life Aquatic, and now this one. <3 Bill Murray

I love waking up to your blog posts and pictures! I plus side to being 7 hours behind you :)

karen sofie said...

Haha, yes totally an Instagram-friendly movie. Such an amazing universe!
Thanks :) Likewise!