24 April 2014


I still have some photos I haven't shown from the day in Aarhus. They were taken with my phone, hence the quality - but I like the colours and the mood of quaint little Aarhus.
I like Weekday's facade with the letters and the stringent lines. And the clothes are alright.
I know Aarhus and I have had a somewhat complicated past and everything, but the narrow streets are always so familiar in a good way.
The sky over Trøjborg was white that morning as I walked to the bus that would take me to the exam. I didn't know whether I'd pass or not, but I ended up passing with flying colours. What a relief!
Frederiksbjerg's colourful houses with bikes out front were too cute.
And then there was the sinking sun that coloured the small houses pink, and then vanished. And we had an amazing dinner to top off the truly great day.

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