20 April 2014

Your Rainbow Panorama

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours in Aarhus. We went to Aros to see the latest installment of the Danish Press Photo, and of course that meant a hike up to the rainbow roof, too. AE, his girlfriend Signe and I goofed around in the colours and took in a sunny Aarhus. Not too bad.
(Hello, Michelle!)
My mom was in high spirits!
I think spring is the best.


Becca Waterloo said...

omg, I love these! I would have had so much fun!

karen sofie said...

Yeah, it's a fun place to go up. Wish it would spin so you could see the city in changing colours.

topographics said...

wow! niiiice photos! good inspiration to go to!

karen sofie said...

Topographics; Thanks! And yes, it's a great place both for inspiration and to see things in a different light :)

Michelle said...

Hello right back at ya'! :-)