18 April 2014

24 hours at the grandparent's

Yesterday, we drove north to spend a day at my grandparents'. We went to an antique shop in a barn in Tversted (no photos though) and spent the afternoon back at the house enjoying each other's company. My grandmother and my mom are both knitters, I don't think they would function if they lost the ability to knit.
AE, NP and I played a game of Matador (the Danish monopoly) which I won big - for the first time ever, I think. I blame it on Sølve's absence, he usually always wins.
My grandfather was in the kitchen preparing dinner (he's allowed a weekly night as chef now!)
When I bankrupted AE, he took to the wine.
NP, who doesn't like fruit at all (!), was happy that my grandmother had made an entire cake just for him (ours had hints of apricot in it).
My grandparents both read several books a week, and they have an entire wall with books - from great classics like Karen Blixen and Dostojevski to books on architecture and philosophy. I love their book shelves!


Heidi said...

Sweet :) You should learn to knit too! (Assuming you don't already >.<)

Happy to hear that you're done school and figuring things out a bit. I hope you're liking life back in Copenhagen. Did you find a place to live yet?

karen sofie said...

Heidi; I do knit, actually (I guess I had to learn), but I don't do it very often, sadly...
I'm very happy to be back, although I'm mostly in the north at my father's, as I don't have any income the first couple of months. I'm planning on moving into the city over the summer, it'll be so wonderful. Hope you're well, too!