28 April 2014

Weekend bliss

Oh, how I love love love those first spring-summer days where the sun shines so greatly, everybody's out on the streets, and everything is smiles and bliss. I spent the weekend well in friends' company drinking beers, laughing, soaking up sun, eating good things and just full on enjoying.
Saturday night was spent at Amalie and Morten's. They've recently moved in together, and Amalie turned 26 last week, so they had their cosy apartment full of friends to celebrate. It was a good night!
I crashed at Kathrine's, and we had the perfect breakfast next day. The sun shone beautifully so we went outside.
At Superkilen, we came by two camels....?!
Oh, the trees, I love when they are sprinkled with green.
E v e r y b o d y  were out on Nørrebro's streets celebrating sun, and we had ice coffee and ice cream on some stairs looking at all the people.
There was a fleamarket in Jægersborggade, so we took a quick stroll down one of my favourite streets.
We had an afternoon intermezzo on Kathrine's balcony - we dragged the sofa out there, which was a pretty good idea.
Later, we headed over to Klaudia's on Frederiksberg for some delicious dinner and good company. What a great way to top off an amazing weekend!
I can't think of a better thing than a view over rooftops.


Fototosse said...

Åh, lækre billeder med lækre mennesker!

karen sofie said...

Fototosse; Tak! Og jeg er helt enig :)