01 May 2014

Last day of April

I'm kind of loving life right now; yes, I might be living at home for a while to save up money, but I'm actually quite enjoying life outside the city (who am I?!). Plus, I'm done with school, the weather is great, I have made a decision that I'm (still) not regretting, I'm near most of my closest friends, Copenhagen is vibrant... And it's spring. Yesterday, I spent the day in the city meeting friends for lunch, ice cream and dinner, and as I was walking around the streets of Vesterbro and Inner City, I felt that strike of happiness that embodied me during my first time around in Berlin. Strange how things turn out sometimes.
After having lunch with Line at Dyrehaven (Sønder Boulevard 72, Vesterbro), I walked around the area before meeting Jonas for an ice cream at the canals. I came by Rysensteen Gymnasium that I used to pass every day on my way to work way back when.
The font at the burgerjoint on Istedgade is nice, I think.
I've always loved those red neon signs at JP Politikens Hus.
Magstræde, one of Copenhagen's oldest streets, is also probably one of the most beautiful.
Classic Copenhagen buildings at Stormgade where Jonas and I bought an ice cream and talked for a while on the steps of Thorvaldens Museum.
The day was finished off on AnCa's Vesterbro roof terrace where we had dinner as the sun disappeared behind the rooftops. How great was that day!

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