14 May 2014

Elsinore revisited

Friday, I met up with the lovely Ida for a coffee at Kronborg Castle. Having been in Elsinore a lot lately, I needed to find a decent coffee spot, and I was surprised to find one within the walls of the old castle. Located in one of the old houses is Strandvejsristeriet, a roastery that uses all the great coffee techniques; chemex, aeropress, hario, and so on. We indulged in great coffee and sweet treats followed by a rainy hike around the quaint little town.
We could walk around on this model of Kronborg and its surrounding buildings. If I remember correctly, the coffee shop was in one of the long buildings on the right...
Strandvejsristeriet, Kronborg 12A, Elsinore.
Ida had chemex, while I had pour over. Sooo good.
The sky was pretty gloomy.
But luckily, rain makes spring trees seem almost fluorescent.
In town, we found a very nice antique store where I will spend all my non-existing money once I move into the city...
I don't know if it was pre-Eurovision euphoria, but the whole town was covered in flags. It looked good, though.

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