30 May 2014

Glimpses of Denmark

It's strange to think that I've been living in Denmark for three months now. When I left Berlin in the end of February, I didn't think I'd decide to move back to Denmark, and I thought I'd only be here for a month. Things can change so fast I guess. I've enjoyed myself the last few months here;
There was my mom's birthday.
Days in Elsinore.
Days in Copenhagen. (More here and here)
And spent lots of time in Aarhus.
Kristiane and I went to Louisiana.
Spring came to Copenhagen.
I went to Stockholm to visit Chris. (More Stockholm here, here and here)
And then summer came.


Mara said...

Seems like I've to go to Denmark. ;)

LG Mara

karen sofie said...

Mara; Definitely! Go go go if you haven't been!