01 June 2014

I love Italy, part uno

Ah, Italy. My irresponsible trip to my father's house with Kathrine. It was such a good 6 day vacation to the land of goodness. How I do love that sun, the cheese, the wine, the charm of the people. Kat and I enjoyed everything to the max, watched the entire Godfather series when the weather was misbehaving, and otherwise we drove around those narrow mountain streets, almost ran a dog over, got lost several times (damn that Italian gps system...!) and had lots of fun.
We arrived late Monday night and got lost several times in the dark trying to find our way to the yellow house. So waking up to full sun was pretty great.
We played Matador (Danish Monopoly).
And ate Italian dinner.
One of the days, we drove into Loreto Aprutino, one of the neighbouring towns.
Floral heaven.
Kathrine looking lovely.
Oh, the colours!
Hello from the ladies!
Kathrine was happy to discover that she is tall in Italy (she isn't in Denmark).
I love towns in layers.
That sign!
When we drove home, I snapped this photo with my phone from the car window. Loreto is one of those many Italian towns draped around a mountain top. I have such a weakness for those...


Mara said...

Great pictures!

LG Mara

karen sofie said...

Mara: Thank you! It's hard not to capture Italy's beauty :)