22 June 2014

Food goodness

A few weeks back, I had dinner with some of my best friends in the summer heat, and the next day I celebrated AnCa having finished with her masters with flying colours. She invited for dinner on the opening night of the new restaurant in the tower of the parliament building, Christiansborg. It was one of those beautiful summer nights, and while we ate, we had the city beneath our feet. The food was excellent, the company was sublime, and everything was great.
It was so warm, and we quickly went out on the balcony for some breeze.
The dessert was (also) exquisite.
At Taarnet in Christiansborg, we had tartare for starters.
And fish for main.
And koldskål for dessert - a Danish dairy classic that, in this version, had been frozen into a sort of ice cream. Served with Danish strawberries. Oh heaven.
OK, so Copenhagen really is quite beautiful from above.


Becca Waterloo said...

I want to come visit! D-:

karen sofie said...

Becca; Come! It would be so much fun!