03 June 2014

I love Italy, part due

When the sun wasn't shining, we drove around the nearby scenery. One of the mornings, we drove through the clouds, up to a plateau with mountains on each side; Gran Sasso d'Italia. There was still snow up there, and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. But oh lawdy, it was beautiful.
Kat in front of the killer car we rented. I don't have a driver's license, but thankfully Kathrine is a boss lady behind the wheels.
Castel del Monte.
The fog was beautiful in real life, but just looks pretty dull through my camera...
The local Abbruzzo thing is arrosticini, meet on sticks served with oily bread. We grilled loads and gulped it up in the cool mountain air.
Further up the plateau is an old hotel, Hotel Campo Imperatore. Here, Mussolini was kept imprisoned during the WWII, and I think that fact is the only thing keeping the place open. It's in a sad state, just kind of sinking into a ruin, but somehow people still come and use it... Next to it is an observatory with two silver domes. It looks pretty sci-fi right there in the mountains.
On our way home, the sky cleared up a little, and the clouds beneath us made it seem like we were driving up in the sky. It was pretty surreal compared to last summer's vast blue skies.
Oh, Castel del Monte.
Kat and I only ate Italian food, and after a quick stop at a local supermarket, we had ourselves several feasts like this one. (Obviously, we drank at least a bottle of wine everyday.)
Driving (the red line is the reflection of an iPad in the front window).
Oh, that view. I am ready to go back!


MusicIsMySecret said...

Åh, nogle smukke billeder. Jeg elsker Italien, men det er efterhånden ti år siden jeg har været der! Det må der laves om på. Castel del Monte ser SÅ skøn ud, og lige som jeg husker Italien.

karen sofie said...

MusicIsMySecret; Tak for rosen - Italien er så overvældende smukt og fascinerende, det er virkelig et af mine yndlingssteder på kloden. Du skal ikke snyde dig for en tur til Castel del Monte og højsletten længere oppe, hvis du en dag vender tilbage til Støvlelandet :)