16 June 2014

More touring in Copenhagen

Somehow, I haven't managed to photograph so much of our tour around Copenhagen - we also went out to the little mermaid (which means epic tourist mayhem), to Kastellet, to Amalienborg and Marmorkirken, and to Papirøen for lunch...
In Kongens Have, we saw Rosenborg Castle and listened to some of the concerts from Rosenborg Live.
After a falafel at Nemoland in Christiania, we went to Kødbyen for cocktails and dancing (notice my sun-burned face...)
The next day, we went to Statens Museum for Kunst to see Nordic and European art from the 16th century and up.
We had lunch in Torvehallerne and hit a magic sale at the fish shop meaning we got these huge salmon wraps for half price. And boy were they delicious!
We had rented bikes (mine is still in Berlin) which is the easiest - and most appropriate, I'd say - way to get around town. Cordula wished she could take her mint green retro bike with her back to Berlin...

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