20 May 2014

In one week

Next week I'm taking a highly irresponsible trip to my father's house in Italy with Kathrine. Irresponsible because I have  a b s o l u t e l y  no money. But I have always liked the idea of doing something simply because you want to, not caring about anything else, and I couldn't look more forward to this trip. In the meantime I'm starting to miss Berlin. Not so much life there, just small things like being in my own apartment (!!!), walking to meet friends at Five Elephant, and just the whole feeling of living in a foreign place. When will I ever be happy where I am? I'm crossing my fingers that this just comes from having lived in someone else's house for a few months, and that I'm basically just longing to live in my own place with my own things and being the boss. Because I am getting so incredibly tired of always longing for something else than what I've got. It's both very unsettling and very spoiled. I keep reminding myself of the reasons why I made the decision to go back to Copenhagen, and I'm really looking forward to settling down in the city and being close to my friends. But man am I afraid of regretting. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what will happen. Until then I am looking so much forward to going to Italy next week and enjoy enjoy enjoy.

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