07 April 2014

Heaven land

My grandparents live in the north of Jutland and their little town has been a steady rock in a childhood of moving around constantly. I love visiting them, not only because their home is full of laughter, clever conversation and goodness, but also because the little town is full of personalities. People up there don't hide their weirdness and it's so nice to have it all out in the open. Whenever I visit, there are dozens of new stories to hear, and both my grandparents are great storytellers. Apart from sit in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking, we caught 'Monica Z' in a nearby cinema and also took a trip into Aalborg. Here are some visual glimpses;
PS the area they live in is called Himmerland - in Danish it sounds a little like 'heaven land', which isn't too far from my opinion of it...
My grandfather has recently started to do some cooking, and, being an architect, makes every dish look like a work of art. Thus, he made salmon with julienned cucumber in chili marinade one of the days. Yum!
I took a little selfie in the local supermarket that still smells of my childhood summers.
When we went into Aalborg, we went down to the harbour to have a look at the new Musikhuset. I was very very unimpressed with the architecture that seemed more skizofrenic than anything else.
But the view over Limfjorden wasn't too bad.

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