12 March 2013

Phone glimpses lately

 Nail polish, lights, coffee, walking... My phone is always there to capture stuff when my camera is buried deep in a bag somewhere. (Yes, it happens.)
 There was an impressive light show at SAT on Nuit Blanche...
 The days are grey. But at least the temperature is rising, and the snow is melting.
 Last week, I walked home around midnight from a concert in the Plateau. Walking during the night when the streets are empty and the shops are closed is magical. Everything looks different, and you notice things you don't see during the daytime. Like old neon signs.
 On one of my walks this weekend, I met Kenneth at Café Sardine (9 Avenue Fairmount Est, Plateau) for a round of gourmet hot dogs and great coffee. What a superb place!
 I spent big parts of this weekend walking around, enjoying the spring. More of that, please!
On Friday, I went to the movies with Hui and some of her friends. We saw 'Amour' (wow!), and afterwards I tried Korean barbecue for the first time. Massive amounts of meat and beer - it was good. The night moved on to a fancy bar, crashing a private party and the whole thing ended at Casa del Popolo (4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Plateau) where Esben, Hui and I had drinks and listened to Québecois disco tunes from the 70s.
 On the homefront, I've finally learned how to operate the coffee machine. A very dangerous knowledge, and I'm already quickly approaching a caffeine overdose. But it's fun steaming milk and making patterns!
And a closing snap of spring. It's amazing how much you enjoy those first spring days where the rays of sun are golden and everyone's high on air.

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