20 March 2013

The small things

As I'm writing this, the wind gently blows snow off the tree outside my window. It looks like whipped cream glistening in the sun. Yes, the sun pokes its head out of the clouds once in a while. I'm home, doing homework, enjoying the coffee machine in the kitchen, reading, listening to the marvellous Daughter album and talking over the phone with people I miss too much. Here are a few glimpses from the last week:
A week ago, I stopped by the cutest turqoise book shop in Nôtre-Dame-des-Grâces to pick up a book I'm presenting in a class. I love old book shops; the smell, the endless stories and the quirky owners that always look like they never see sunlight.
 The book I'm reading is really good and makes me want to go on adventure; "The Great Railway Bazaar" by Paul Theroux.
 On a snowy Wednesday I went to Arts Café (201 Avenue Fairmount Ouest, Plateau) to meet Hui. We had good coffee, and I had a really good grilled cheese sandwich with onion relish, apple and turkey. Yum.
 On Saturday I went out. On our way to Orphé's place, Christoffer locked himself into a cage inside a beer cage. Canadians protect their beer by locking it up in a huge cage - they're so strange...
On a grey weekend day, Sophie and I went up along Bernard (on the Outremont side - I had never been!) to indulge in this year's first ice cream. I couldn't finish mine, but it tasted like spring. Three days later, the snow fell and kicked us right back to winter. I don't know how much more of that I can take.

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