01 July 2015

Above the city

There are few things I love more than a good view. So I was in heaven - quite literally - when AnCa and I met up Sunday afternoon for a climb up the tower of Our Savior Church in Christianshavn. Despite the narrow climb and a fear of heights that always sneaks up on you, it was really magical up there. Copenhagen is so beautiful and a 360 view can never be dull here. Just look;
Oh, the canals...
After the tower, we took ice coffees to go and sat by the water where we discussed our usual topics; men, future, and men. All the while laughing as always. Oh, friends are the best!


Deborah said...

Oh georgeus photos as always. I've actually never been to the top of the church. About time while I can still climb the stairs I guess.

Yes friends are the best. Glad you had a good time!

karen sofie said...

Thank you so much :) It's quite the climb, but it's well worth it. The view is so beautiful. So I would definitely go up there if I were you.