03 July 2015

That feeling

It's so pure and electrifying when you have that first real rush with a piece of music. For me, it often occurs when I've been listening to a new album a few times and the songs still aren't familiar, but they're starting to be. And then there's one song that sends chills down my spines, magnifies everything around me and opens up completely. I had an experience like that the other day as I was going home from work in the bus. It was warm, the city outside was shimmering, the sky was blue and I felt the hot air on my skin. Suddenly, everything was light and twice as beautiful. Here are two songs that have done that for me the last few weeks - and it's been a while since I've had new music do this!
The one from the other day is Quo Vadis by Lower Dens. I absolutely love the summery melancholic intro, the harmony and the voice. For a long time, I thought the lead singer was a man, and then I discovered it's a woman!
Lately, I've also listened a lot to Reptile Youth's new EP. The song Away really got to me and I've considered it the soundtrack to my summer a long time now.


Roxanne said...

Sådan en oplevelse har jeg også lige haft, som jeg skrev om på her: www.lookhownice.dk/brutal-summer

- Roxanne

karen sofie said...

Det er sjovt, det er PRÆCIS, som du har skrevet :) To sjæle, en tanke, tror jeg vist! Rigtig god sommer til dig, og dejligt med musik.

Becca Waterloo said...

great songs, thanks for the new tunes :):):)

karen sofie said...

Yay, happy to pass them on!