11 July 2015

Summer in the city

It's been a while, but things here are good. Steady and good. The summer is ambivalent; last week it was so hot you could barely breathe, and yesterday it could just as well have been a March day. Here's what I've been up to;
Last week, I walked around the lakes with Klaudia one night. It was warm and we talked about men and life. The best.
Another night, I headed to Østerbro to have dinner on a beautiful table cloth with Sofie and Cecilie. Sofie has a roof terrace which provided a good breeze in the heat.
Last Friday, I had Chris over for dinner. We had wine on the balcony and talked for hours as the sun went down. The light was gorgeous and it was such a great way to spend a Friday. The next day, I went north to hang out with my dad. We got drunk and played games on the terrace while singing along to 60s songs. At 3 am we ran down to the sea and took a swim beneath the moon. It was magical! The next day was hell as it was 30 degrees and I was so hungover. But a great weekend despite Sunday's less interesting content.
My breakfast these days looks like this; toasted rye, avocado with lots of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice, and a smiling egg. I usually have a coffee to go on the way to work. It's pretty alright.
On Thursday, it rained and stormed and it was pretty depressing.
Yesterday, I had wine with Chris, Iben and Mette. On our way to another bar, we ran into Jonas and his friend. We ended up having shameless cocktails at Mexibar, and it was so much fun.
Today was slightly hungover, but it didn't matter because it's Esther's 1st birthday, and we gathered at her house in Østerbro to have cake and celebrate.


susanne said...

I love your words thoughts and pictures always so much - I wish I could visit Kopenhagen someday ... have a lovely weekend

karen sofie said...

Thank you, I'm happy to hear it :) Hope you get to visit Copenhagen as well sometime. Have a good weekend!