18 July 2015

Lazy days

It's a strange time these days. I'm thinking a lot about things and as I'm moving out of the apartment in two weeks, and my temporary position at the newspaper comes to an end at the same time, I once again find myself in that place where the future is pretty open. I know I want to stay in Copenhagen (thought two seconds about the possibility of going somewhere else and couldn't deal with it) and get my own place - I've moved around 25 times in my 27 years, so I'm getting ready to actually create a base where I can live in my own stuff. Anyway, thoughts are flying and it's summer. Despite the sadness of having to say goodbye to a lot of amazing people at the newspaper, I'm really looking forward to a vacation soon.
Last weekend, I was home alone and spent a big part of Sunday on the balcony with F. Scott Fitzgerald's collected short stories. I've read them in Danish a few summers back and thought I'd try the real deal. They are so good! It was humid and overcast and I had made ice coffee to go along. Not too bad...
Sunday night I met up with Chris for a walk and an ice cream. We tried the one at Brødflov in Frederiksberg (Falkoner Allé 34), but despite it being a cute place with some amazing looking cakes, I wasn't all too impressed with the ice cream...
We took a walk into Landbohøjskolens Have and looked around. She is now in the US on her holiday so we had some quality time before being apart for (too) many weeks.
On Monday night I met up with AnCa for a sip of ginger beer beneath the bridge at Kayak Bar (Børskaj 12, Indre By). I am so happy she's my friend!
I think it's bad planning to have put these huge exhaust pipes right in front of the legendary sign at Nørreport Station...
On Tuesday, I met Chris for a quick lunch at Torvehallerne.
Those letters!
Although it feels strange to be working this summer as everybody's off on holidays, I do love those walks to work in the morning when the city is all quiet and the sun is bright and promises a new exciting day. With coffee in hand, it is quite alright.
Today, I went into the city to pick up a few things. Came home with 4 books. (Just Kids by Patti Smith, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, Howard's End by EM Forster, and The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje) Can't wait to read them this summer!
I like when nature takes over bricks and walls.

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