15 February 2013

Favourites #3; new gold, brothers and parents

I have posted two other posts with photos from my 'favourites'-folder (here and here). I'm not very good at updating the folder, but the current content makes me happy to the tip of my fingers. I love how photos of the people you love can do this.
 1987 - my father the night I was born. I dig his moustache, the round glasses, the pink sweatshirt and the grin.
 2010 - Sølve in the middle is in højskole.
 2011 - the brothers and I go to a concert in Christiania
 2007 - insane clouds over the Golan Heights in northern Israel (occupied Syrian land)
 2011 - sun in the living room in the white castle - I miss that place.
 2011 - this night, I'm just as happy as I look.
 2009 - the boys spend a couple of days in my father's house in the north. We empty the house's booze cabinet and go swimming in the ocean in the early hours of the morning.
 1997 - ha ha, AE!
 2007 - rave party at Ry Højskole, Bettina!
 Late 1970s - my beautiful mom
2008 - Kat in Anna's summerhouse. Memorable trip and summer feel.
 2008 - on our way to southern Jutland to visit a friend, the car breaks down. I don't have a driver's licence, and Cecilie panicks. We're escorted back to Copenhagen by Falck and drown the fiasko weekend in candy and movies.
 2007 - AE and me making goofy faces in the train.
 1992/1993 - Cecilie and I liked the same haircut on a ski trip to Norway. The same trip where I spontaneously grabbed the microphone and sang in front of a whole hotel as the house band was jamming. That gave my father an invitation to eat a majestic dinner with the band afterwards. 4-year-old me was brave.
2011 - I think Kat is so beautiful here (I miss you!)

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