22 February 2013

New York I: Roadtrip + Manhattan

Ah, New York. Beautiful, breathtaking New York. I must warn you that I have lots lots lots of photos to show - many of them with buildings, obviously. There are so many things to see in that city, and despite it being far too cold (we expected something else coming from icy Montréal), we walked around and managed to see quite a lot.
 It took us about 10 hours to drive from Montreal to New York in our little rented Matrix car, and as soon as we crossed the border, we headed for McDonald's to pay our respects. Later, we stopped by a little gas station in the middle of the woods and mountains, and I felt like being in Twin Peaks for a short moment (before the owner of the shop kicked us out because he had work to do and couldn't be bothered waiting for us to decide what to buy...)
 When we arrived in New York after a truly insane drive on the highway leading into Brooklyn (!), we had food in cozy Potlikker (338 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg) before attempting to find a speakeasy nearby.
It turned out NOT to be a speakeasy but a comic bar, but the drinks were cheap and strong, and I giggled all the way home.

 The next day we headed downtown and landed on Times Square.
 The boys were cool.
We walked around the Village trying to find a good thrift store and ended up by the water. It was icy and windy, so we caught refuge in a trendy café before ending up at a bar with a very drunk old bartender. I caught him peeing in the sink in the girls' bathroom - but at least he had the courtesy to make me a strong drink first...
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