13 February 2013

Québec City II

On Sunday, we woke up in Antoine's huge apartment, people were laughing in the kitchen telling stories from the night before. Orphé and Maud made us breakfast; eggs benedict which is now my favourite breakfast - it was sooo good. Then we drove out to a waterfall a bit outside Québec City called Pain de Sucre, or sugar bread. It was a half frozen fall where the water had made a snowy hill at the bottom. It was magnificent, and when we climbed the fall to walk across it, we could see far far away. All the while, the sun was shining from a blue sky.

Yum yum yum.
 Some of us were tired.
The boys showing the 'handshake of leaders'/statsmandshåndtrykket....
 The waterfall from the top.
 We drove over to a little island where the houses were beautiful, old and very idyllic. Here, we had a view of the sun setting over the ice flakes and Québec City's smoking chimneys in the distance. It was cold as hell, but very magical.
 Thomas sporting the hat of champions with a flopping ear.

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Kristina said...

Wow, amazing pictures! The shots of the frozen waterwall, wow!! And so much snow - we are currently enjoying the last days of summer here in Australia!
Kristina x