14 February 2013


The sun is trying to break through a heavy layer of clouds, and once in a while it succeeds. I observe this because I'm spending the day(s) in bed fighting a fever and a cold that no doubt stems from freezing my a** off in Québec City. But it's worth the pain, I'm still high on all those things I saw there, it was a marvellous weekend. I'm watching films, listening to music and trying to block out the voice in my head reminding me of school assignments and stuff. Instead, I'm trying to get ready for New York, collecting tips and information. I'm so excited! I just hope my throbbing head and running nose will get ready for a week of partying, walking, ooh-ing over buildings and all that.
The video is outside my normal musical choice, but I've fallen for this guy and especially his videos. I just hope that I'll attend a party like that sometime in the near future...

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