23 January 2013


Just a few snaps from the phone. I have the day off, which means I don't have to go outside and go to school, instead I get to stay inside and do homework... Outside, it's -26 degrees, which is just completely bananas, so I'm happy to stay inside. In a little month's time I'm going to New York for a few days (arms won't go down) - if you have any recommendations - cafés, old factories, secret bars, places to crash or more - don't hesitate to share!
I made banana pancakes for breakfast, with blueberries. While cheese and fish is pricey here, blueberries don't cost a thing. I'm taking advantage of that big time!
 Monday is looking good right now.
 Preparing to go outside. Hipster version.
Next to me in bed is a local magazine, a good one, and coffee. Despite the freezing temperatures, the sun is shining brightly through my windows.

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