19 January 2013


Everyday life is upon me, and it's great. Here are some points of the last week:
Monday 14.30: I have just finished an interview downtown, and the sun beams down over the freezing city. I walk past some beautiful buildings.
Tuesday 10.42: I try to make banana pancakes for breakfast, but I fail miserably and eat yoghurt instead. I skype with people in the kitchen.
18.48: I meet Kenneth for dinner, and we eat fish'n'chips at Comptoir 21 (21 Rue St Viateur Ouest, Mile-End) followed by beer at classy Sparrow (5322 Boul. St Laurent, Mile-End).
Wednesday 16.51: On my way to visit Sophie at Moment Factory, I finally snap a photo of the schoolbus that runs up and down my street with the Jewish kids. It's like a film.
 Thursday 11.20: On my way to school I notice how the tall buildings downtown resemble robots.
 11.32: I ride the schoolbus and stand up front as the sun lights up the snow.
 Friday 13.58: My street is beautiful in sunlight.
 14.38: I go to the international office at the downtown campus, and there's a marvellous view over the buildings in sun.
 15.58: On my way to a coffee date at Plateau I look at buildigs at Boul. St Laurent.
 16.11: I meet Hui for coffee and a sinful peanut-chocolate-cookie at Café Névé (151 Rue Rachel, Plateau) - I haven't seen Hui since 2007, and we talk for three hours. Wonderful!
 Saturday 12.19: I'm presently sitting in my bed with coffee about to get started on homework. I have taken a class in the Film Studies department called Late Silent Film. I'm pretty excited! Have a good weekend out there!


Katrine said...

Those views are just stunning!

karen sofie said...

Very! It's nowhere near the same on photos as in real life where it leaves you breathless.

Michelle said...

Åh, Karen Sofie - det er så fedt at mærke din begejstring for alt det nye - alle de små detaljer du er opmærksom på, og alt det nye du oplever. Montreal ser smuk og hård ud.

karen sofie said...

Du er sød, Michelle. Her er vidunderligt, det er en fascinerende by, og det er skønt at gå på opdagelse og lære nye steder at kende. Håber, alt er vel hjemme i Århus, blev lidt misundelig over at se din og Louises kaffedate forleden, åh det kunne jeg godt lige have tænkt mig at være med til :)