17 May 2012

About neighbours and Norwegians

It's a day off. I ran down to the baker's and got sourdough rolls and croissants for the roomie and I. We sat in the living room eating, drinking coffee and apple-currant-juice and talked. The lives of the people that live on the other side of the street is closely followed; like the middle-aged couple on the fourth floor that spend their entire days (!) in their living room, watching TV, having a cigarette, eating or reading the newspaper. Today, the couple living in the third floor - the ones with the enormous cd-collection and the girl that makes dresses - were having a gathering. Apparently, they're Norwegians, and they were dressed in their colourful clothes singing loudly out of the windows. They even painted a blue stripe in the Danish flag, and they were so happy (and maybe a little morning-drunk from the celebrating?)... Happy national day to the Norwegians!

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